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A Taste Of The Atlantic

Date: Monday, 4 Mar 2019
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98% of Icelanders have Irish DNA. It’s probably why we love their fish!

Stop by the pub in March and try our most popular dish, Fish & Chips! Made with fresh haddock, dipped in a lager batter served with hand cut fries, tartar sauce or Irish remoulade and a lemon wedge! You will not be disappointed.

Did you know the first people to set foot on uninhabited Iceland were Irish Monk and according to studies, Irish DNA markers are evident in up to 98% of the Icelandic population. Which probably explains why we love bringing some of the World’s freshest fish to your plate.

All the haddock used in our Fish & Chips is sustainably sourced and certified. Immediately packed when caught off the wild west coast of Iceland, it’s as fresh as it can be without us fishing for it ourselves!


January 2021 Update:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Ri Ra Irish Pub is temporarily closed. 

We are monitoring public health conditions closely to determine when we can reopen and provide a safe environment for our staff and guests. 

Thank you for your interest in Ri Ra and we look forward to seeing you soon.