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30 Days, 30 Different Burgers!

Date: Wednesday, 2 May 2018
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Burger Bingo!

This May, we are creating a different burger every day, for 30 days. Get a burger & receive your complimentary bingo card, get 5 in a row & win a free burger! Every filled card is entered into our mystery prize draw at the end of the month. Everybody wins! 

  • The Wurly Burger- Beer battered beef, cheddar, LTO, Guinness ketchup, mayo, toasted bun 
  • Greek Burger- Spice rubbed lamb patty, feta, LTO, garlic aioli, tzatziki, warm pita 
  • Irish Juicy Lucy- Irish cheddar stuffed beef patty, rasher, LTO, toasted bun 
  • Pickleback – Pepper crust beef, Jameson honey dipped, Irish cheddar, fried pickles, lettuce, tomato, toasted bun 
  • The Trinity- Beef, cheddar, Guinness BBQ, Jameson battered onion rings, Bailey’s candied bacon, fried egg, toasted bun 
  • Scotch Egg Sliders – Scotch eggs as buns, beef, cheddar, Guinness mustard 
  • Irish Beer Cheese Burger- Beef,  Harp lager cheese, onion strings, lettuce, tomato, toasted bun 
  • Fried Green Tomato- Beef, American, fried green tomato, bacon, lettuce, Comeback Sauce, toasted bun 
  • Cluck, Oink, Moo – Beef, rasher, sunny egg, pepper jack, bourbon onion, lettuce, tomato, toasted bun 
  • Cuban Burger- Beef, smoked ham, Swiss, Dijon mayo, mojo relish, toasted bun 
  • Carolina BBQ – Beef, pulled pork, beer cheese, onion straws, vinegar slaw, Guinness BBQ sauce, toasted bun 
  • The Big Kahuna- Beef, grilled sweet onion, maple glazed Spam, charred cayenne pineapple, lettuce, sriracha mayo, King’s Hawaiian roll 
  • The Vermonter- Beef, smoked bacon, pit ham, rasher, VT cheddar, maple syrup, toasted bun 
  • South of the Border- Beef, queso sauce, guacamole, fried onion, LTO, jalapeno aioli, toasted bun 
  • Mac & Cheese – Beef, mac & cheese “bun”, crispy bacon 
  • Southern – Beef, pimento cheese, bacon jam, lettuce, tomato, onion ring, toasted bun 
  • The Hot Mess- Beef, American, banger gravy, smoked bacon, fried egg, toasted bun 
  • Cheesesteak – Beef, American, grilled peppers & onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeno, toasted baguette 
  • The Squealer – Beef, seared pork belly, rasher, cheddar, vinegar slaw, chili garlic relish, garlic butter, toasted bun 
  • Porky Pig- Beef, pork belly, smoked bacon, pork rinds, pickled cabbage, honey sriracha aioli, toasted bun 
  • Slippy’s Cheeseburger Wrap- Beef, double American, pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, Marie Rose, warm flour tortilla
  • Salmon Burger- Chopped salmon, horseradish mayo, pickled carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, toasted bun 
  • Light My Fire!- Cayenne crusted beef, pepper jack, fried jalapenos, jalapeno mayo, candied spicy bacon, LTO, toasted bun 
  • Irish Nacho- Beef, thick cut potato crisps, cheddar, LTO, salsa, jalapeno mayo, toasted bun 
  • Chopped Steak Frites – Beef, cheddar, HP sauce, LTO, French fry topper, toasted bun 
  • Seoul Burger – Sesame crust beef, Bulgogi glaze, kimchi, five spice pork belly, sunny egg, toasted bun 
  • The Big Bacon Cheesy- Beef, fried bacon cheese patty, cheddar, mixed greens, toasted bun 
  • Jameson Bacon Brie- Beef, cayenne dusted bacon, brie, Jameson Honey, whisky onions, lettuce, tomato, toasted bun
  • Bahn Mi – Curry rubbed beef, Tabasco mayo, pickled carrots, jalapenos, fresh cilantro, baguette 
  • Double Truffle – Peppered beef, Swiss, garlic spinach, cremini mushrooms, black truffle mayo, pickled red onions, truffle-parmesan fry topper, toasted bun


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