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Kindred Spirits Old & New

Date: Monday, 26 Jun 2017
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The Victorian Bar

The Red Brick Mystery

Rí Rá Charlotte is located in the second oldest original building in Uptown Charlotte. This along with the various artifacts brought over from Ireland, dating back to the 1700 & 1800’s, have given this pub some noteworthy history. Since opening in 1997, there’s been a significant amount of creepy occurrences that can only be explained by its haunted reputation.

One of the most recent phenomenons is the story of the mystery brick. This red brick is still kept in the manager’s office as a reminder that we may not be alone in the Pub. The alarm system went off in the middle of the night, triggering a call to the police. When the manager arrived the police were in the process of their investigation. The only thing out of place was a random red brick in the middle of the floor. The security cameras were checked and there were no signs of anyone entering the Pub or leaving the brick in this strange spot. To this day no one knows where the brick came from or who put it there but rumors are linked to its well-known prankster ghost.

If you speak with the staff they will all have their own ghost story to tell like the young girl practicing her ABC’s in the alcove above the host stand, beer taps mysteriously turning on, bread baskets being knocked off the counter, or the sounds of sewing machines in the basement. After so many unexplained events, even the most skeptical staff have been convinced that we are sharing this space with some friendly spirits.