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Yes Cheese!

Date: Wednesday, 4 Apr 2018
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Sometimes only a toastie will do!

The classic grilled cheese sandwich or ‘Toastie’ is the ultimate pub grub in Pubs back in Ireland. In fact, in many more traditional old school pubs, it is literally the only thing on the menu, apart of course from Tayto Crisps!

To celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month, we’ve paid homage to this humble, yet delicious nibble and created a menu of 5 mouth-watering sandwiches, available during our Toastie Week on April 23rd – 29th.

All priced at $9 and including a side order of hand-cut chips or side salad, our 5 Toastie Week grilled cheese sandwiches are:

Buffalo Chicken & Blue Cheese

Minced chicken breast, mild sauce, blue cheese, Turano loaf

Cauliflower & Cheese

Seared cauliflower, Meunster, wheat

Grilled Pear & Brie

Caramelized pear, soft brie, pressed baguette

Rasher & Worcestershire

Grilled Irish bacon, Swiss, Worcestershire, rye

Tomato & Goat Cheese

Heirloom tomato, avocado, goat cheese, wheat