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30 Days, 30 Different Burgers!

Date: Wednesday, 2 May 2018
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Burger Bingo!

This May, we are creating a different burger every day, for 30 days. Get a burger & receive your complimentary bingo card, get 5 in a row & win a free burger! Every filled card is entered into our mystery prize draw at the end of the month. Everybody wins! 

  • The Wurly Burger- Beer battered beef, cheddar, LTO, Guinness ketchup, mayo, toasted bun 
  • Greek Burger- Spice rubbed lamb patty, feta, LTO, garlic aioli, tzatziki, warm pita 
  • Irish Juicy Lucy- Irish cheddar stuffed beef patty, rasher, LTO, toasted bun 
  • Pickleback – Pepper crust beef, Jameson honey dipped, Irish cheddar, fried pickles, lettuce, tomato, toasted bun 
  • The Trinity- Beef, cheddar, Guinness BBQ, Jameson battered onion rings, Bailey’s candied bacon, fried egg, toasted bun 
  • Scotch Egg Sliders – Scotch eggs as buns, beef, cheddar, Guinness mustard 
  • Irish Beer Cheese Burger- Beef,  Harp lager cheese, onion strings, lettuce, tomato, toasted bun 
  • Fried Green Tomato- Beef, American, fried green tomato, bacon, lettuce, Comeback Sauce, toasted bun 
  • Cluck, Oink, Moo – Beef, rasher, sunny egg, pepper jack, bourbon onion, lettuce, tomato, toasted bun 
  • Cuban Burger- Beef, smoked ham, Swiss, Dijon mayo, mojo relish, toasted bun 
  • Carolina BBQ – Beef, pulled pork, beer cheese, onion straws, vinegar slaw, Guinness BBQ sauce, toasted bun 
  • The Big Kahuna- Beef, grilled sweet onion, maple glazed Spam, charred cayenne pineapple, lettuce, sriracha mayo, King’s Hawaiian roll 
  • The Vermonter- Beef, smoked bacon, pit ham, rasher, VT cheddar, maple syrup, toasted bun 
  • South of the Border- Beef, queso sauce, guacamole, fried onion, LTO, jalapeno aioli, toasted bun 
  • Mac & Cheese – Beef, mac & cheese “bun”, crispy bacon 
  • Southern – Beef, pimento cheese, bacon jam, lettuce, tomato, onion ring, toasted bun 
  • The Hot Mess- Beef, American, banger gravy, smoked bacon, fried egg, toasted bun 
  • Cheesesteak – Beef, American, grilled peppers & onions, sautéed mushrooms, jalapeno, toasted baguette 
  • The Squealer – Beef, seared pork belly, rasher, cheddar, vinegar slaw, chili garlic relish, garlic butter, toasted bun 
  • Porky Pig- Beef, pork belly, smoked bacon, pork rinds, pickled cabbage, honey sriracha aioli, toasted bun 
  • Slippy’s Cheeseburger Wrap- Beef, double American, pickles, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, Marie Rose, warm flour tortilla
  • Salmon Burger- Chopped salmon, horseradish mayo, pickled carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, toasted bun 
  • Light My Fire!- Cayenne crusted beef, pepper jack, fried jalapenos, jalapeno mayo, candied spicy bacon, LTO, toasted bun 
  • Irish Nacho- Beef, thick cut potato crisps, cheddar, LTO, salsa, jalapeno mayo, toasted bun 
  • Chopped Steak Frites – Beef, cheddar, HP sauce, LTO, French fry topper, toasted bun 
  • Seoul Burger – Sesame crust beef, Bulgogi glaze, kimchi, five spice pork belly, sunny egg, toasted bun 
  • The Big Bacon Cheesy- Beef, fried bacon cheese patty, cheddar, mixed greens, toasted bun 
  • Jameson Bacon Brie- Beef, cayenne dusted bacon, brie, Jameson Honey, whisky onions, lettuce, tomato, toasted bun
  • Bahn Mi – Curry rubbed beef, Tabasco mayo, pickled carrots, jalapenos, fresh cilantro, baguette 
  • Double Truffle – Peppered beef, Swiss, garlic spinach, cremini mushrooms, black truffle mayo, pickled red onions, truffle-parmesan fry topper, toasted bun


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Update: March 19 2021

We are OPEN for indoor dining.  We are doing everything we can to keep our guests and staff safe and are following all recommendations from the Southern Nevada Health District as well as the CDC for COVID-19 prevention.  We are also adhering to all state and local mandates.  Thank you for your interest in Ri Ra Irish Pub and we look forward to seeing you.