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About Rí Rá

About Rí Rá

Rí Rá comes from "Rí Rá agus Ruaile Buaile", a phrase translating roughly as divilment, good fun or any sociable activity that improves with fine food, a nice pint of Guinness or dram of Uisce Beatha (whiskey).

About the pub

Rí Rá Irish Pub, in Mandalay Place, epitomizes a true Irish pub experience. A comfortable neighborhood environment where conversation flows as smoothly as Guinness ebbs in the glass. Constructed from a pub meticulously restored in Ireland then shipped to Las Vegas, it’s a hotspot for locals and visitors alike, offering an impressive line-up of live music, a comprehensive drink list and fare that defies pub standards.

Custom-made with salvaged material straight from Ireland, Rí Rá Las Vegas captures the warm pub style of 19th century Ireland. Each rescued artifact, including master centerpieces such as the 19th century bar, was carefully restored in County Wicklow, a scenic area just south of Dublin, and then shipped to Las Vegas.

The Shop Bar

The Shop Bar at Rí Rá is a fine authentic example of this style of pub, it started life in the 1880’s as Foley’s in Timoleague, West Cork. Foley’s has particular significance to Rí Rá as it was in the family of one of our founders, Ciaran Sheehan, for generations. Ciaran’s grandfather re-built the pub in 1921 when it was burnt down during the Irish Civil War. Ciaran’s aunt was the last landlady in Foley’s. Ciaran has lovingly restored the bar, which played an important role in his personal family history. Sit and enjoy a pint and a chat and you will be transported back in time to the quintessential Irish county pub you would visit while on a trip to Ireland.

The Victorian Bar

When you pass through Foley’s Shop Bar, you enter an authentic Victorian Bar, crafted in the warm pub style of 19th century Dublin and custom-made with salvaged material straight from Ireland. In pride of place is an original statue of St. Patrick. Weighing 500lbs, the statue is made from carved plaster, a technique that was popular around 1850-1880. St. Patrick is housed in Victorian paneling salvaged from a Northern Ireland Bank and the beautiful Victorian bar itself complete with the original ceiling medallions, Victorian floor and black Kilkenny limestone counter.

The Whiskey Bar

A salvaged Georgian archway leads from the Victorian Bar into the Whiskey Bar. Central in the Whiskey bar is the original glazed jewelers cabinet, circa 1910, restored mahogany paneling from a bank and the oak floor which actually came from an old whiskey distillery, creating the perfect ambiance to consider and enjoy the variety of different whiskeys available.

Last year the Whiskey Bar won the ‘Best whiskey/Bourbon selection in Las Vegas’ and the ‘Best Scotch selection in Las Vegas’ according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The Bordello Room

The Bordello Room is an unexpected hidden gem and the newest addition to the pub. It is designed with the idea of invoking ‘the architectural feel’ of the classic high-end Bordello of older times, conjuring up feelings of opulence, indulgence and luxury. This private lounge and bar has high black ceilings, warm, intimate interiors and soft low lighting. The Victorian colors of deep red and gold create a richness to the room that is complimented by the plush velvet curtains that hang along the entry ways. Antique gold gilt frames and mirrors line the walls and ornate, hand crafted chandeliers dangle gracefully from the ceiling. Reflections from the glistening gold mirrored ‘disco’ ball dance across the room and adds a sense of quirkiness and old school class to the atmosphere.

Rí Rá in the Community

Here at Rí Rá, we love to bring our sense of family to the community and enjoy being involved with local community groups such as HELP Nevada to make our neighborhood a better place to live, work and socialize in.

We are particularly proud of our outreach work. We are heavily involved with local charities and try to give back to the community that so graciously welcomed us to the neighborhood. We host an annual event in March for the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation for Childhood Cancer and have to date raised over $250,000.

Scott Sherman

General Manager

My first experience with Rí Rá was at the opening of the Providence pub, which became my watering hole very quickly. My friends and I would come in almost nightly to see Cyril and the gang and enjoy the “Craic” as Cyril would say to us. After about 6 months some of the Providence Staff were heading off to open up a new location in Portland, Maine. I was asked if I would be interested in working for Rí Rá.

Well, it has been quite the ride to date. After a few years in Providence, I headed to Burlington Vermont to become General Manager. From Burlington I then headed to open the Portsmouth New Hampshire Pub and then a short stint back in Providence before heading to Sin City to open the Las Vegas.

Felicia Howell

Assistant Manager

Hailing from Southern California, I came to Las Vegas looking for a change. I left the shores of Long Beach, landed in this desert oasis, and into the welcoming arms of the Rí Rá family. Being in the hospitality industry for almost twenty years I could not have found a better spot to continue my chosen vocation.

Hospitality is all about people and I enjoy coming to work every day and meeting so many interesting people from all over the world and ensuring that they have a great experience at Rí Rá. Being a part of this unique family has enriched my life in more ways than I can say, and I’m looking forward to a fruitful career with Rí Rá.

Garrett Larkin

Assistant Manager

My story started in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia where I was looking for a part time job to help put me through college. I was hired as a food runner and server part-time. After a few months I was promoted to the bar to help develop a regular base of customers to give the pub its true Irish feel. After 6 years in the Atlanta pub, a position came up for Assistant Manager in Las Vegas. On the long drive from Atlanta to Las Vegas, my mind was going a million miles an hour with all the ‘what if?’ questions – what if I don’t like it? what if it doesn’t feel like a family like the Atlanta pub? and so on. The moment I stepped foot into the pub I immediately felt at home and Vegas became my new family and home quickly. And my journey with Rí Rá continues…

James Sawyer

Executive Chef

My family is Irish American and my Great Grandparents emigrated from Ireland to the US. I joined the Rí Rá family in January of 2012, about 9 months after they opened. In the last 4 years, I’ve helped fine-tune the menu adding some of my own dishes, focusing on putting out excellent Irish-American Bistro food. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to some of our other pubs and help train new Chefs. And in 2014, I won a company sponsored trip to Ireland. I spent a week there, immersing myself in the culture, cuisine, pubs and history. It was a trip of a lifetime.

Brady Patterson

Sous Chef

After bouncing around the farm-to-table scene a bit I came to Rí Rá. I’ve really enjoyed Rí Rá’s consistently evolving vision regarding authentic and traditional Irish Pub fare with an eye towards trending and developing foods. After 7 years with the Pub and 2,500 miles from my home in the North Woods, Rí Rá has grown with me and nurtured my affair with all things delicious.

Jennifer Spriggs

Catering Manager

I approach every event with meticulous attention to detail and obsessive precision, regardless of size or scope. This allows me to focus on even the smallest of details, which sometimes turn out to be the most remembered ones. I love that I get to develop a personal relationship with each guest choosing Rí Rá. I feel that is truly the key to making each event a unique and special affair.

Accolades & Awards

Scott Sherman, the Rí Rá GM, is particularly proud of the numerous accolades that the pub has been awarded over the years including:


  • Diner’s Choice – OpenTable


  • 2015 Top 10 Irish Pubs in the US –
  • Diner’s Choice – OpenTable
  • Best Place for a Pint of Guinness – Desert Companion
  • Voted #1 Best Irish Pub in Las Vegas – The Best of Las Vegas – Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Voted #1 Best whiskey/Bourbon Selection in Las Vegas – The Best of Las Vegas – Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Voted #1 Best Scotch Selection in Las Vegas – The Best of Las Vegas – Las Vegas Review Journal


  • Guinness World Record Holder – Longest Concert By Multiple Artists
  • 10 Best Bars In The US To Watch The World Cup –
  • Best Fish & Chips in Vegas –
  • Named Top Bars In Vegas – Desert Magazine
    Voted #1 Best Scotch Selection in Las Vegas – The Best of Las Vegas – Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Voted #2 Top 10 Irish Pubs in the US – Top 10 List

Jobs and Training

Rí Rá is a busy and exciting place work. We are always on the lookout for motivated quality Managers, Bar & Wait staff, Kitchen Team and other hourly positions.

If you’re interested in working in a fun and highly rewarding atmosphere, within a great team, then email your questions and resume to

For International inquiries regarding J-1 training opportunities with Rí Rá in the USA, please send an email to for more details.

Wally Lang


Wally Lang, Bartender

Wally's passions are beer, cocktails and music - not surprising he ended up working in Rí Rá.

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