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Farming innovation in the Las Vegas Desert

Date: Wednesday, 10 Apr 2024
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Mark Engles, The People's Farm LV

Who would have thought that  you would find a farming innovation in the shadow of the Las Vegas Strip!

In 2019, Mark Engles, originally from Texas with a background in cattle farming, ventured into the heart of Las Vegas with a vision to bring a piece of the farm life to the desert. And so, The People’s Farm was born, transforming the local landscape into a beacon of agricultural innovation.

The People’s Farm is not just any farm; it’s a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) oasis where microgreens thrive under the meticulous care of advanced technology. Here, traditional soil is replaced with eco-friendly hemp mats, creating a perfect bed for seeds to sprout into lush microgreens, nourished solely by water and oxygen. This method, emblematic of the farm’s commitment to purity and sustainability, ensures that each leaf is a testament to what it means to be “beyond organic.”

The farm’s innovation extends beyond its choice of growing medium. Inside, a symphony of technology harmonizes light, temperature, humidity, and water to mimic the ideal growing conditions for microgreens year-round. This precise control not only guarantees a consistent supply of high-quality greens but also stands as a bold statement against the unpredictability of traditional farming practices.

At its core, The People’s Farm is driven by a mission to nourish the Las Vegas valley with the freshest, highest-quality microgreens. It’s about connecting the community – family, friends, and neighbors.

At The People’s Farm, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the cultivation of microgreens, recognizing their immense health benefits. These tiny, yet powerful plants, harvested in their early growth phase, are not just a culinary trend but a nutritional powerhouse. 


Through its innovative practices, The People’s Farm is redefining what it means to farm in an urban environment and we at Rí Rá Las Vegas are honored to work with sustainable, local farming heroes like the team at The People’s Farm. 

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The People's Farm, Las Vegas