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Small town girl takes to big city

Date: Thursday, 25 Aug 2016
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Sarah Halcomb

Growing up in Southern Indiana, there isn’t a whole lot of diversity. We tend to stick to mass produced chain restaurants and small Mom and Pop joints.

So when they brought a Rí Rá down to Evansville, it was naturally going to stand out. It was great to have an authentic Irish pub in a town known for not branching out. The place was a success and the town really fell in love with the atmosphere.

I had just moved back after college and figured this would be a great place to start job hunting. I went in to apply and was greeted by an Irish lady named Angela, who, I discovered, is one of the main Directors of the company. I was hired and the whirlwind began!

Little did I know that I’d work in several different locations before moving out to open the Las Vegas pub, which is where I’ve been the past 5 1/2 years. It has been great and very eye opening to work with so many Irish staff. I have learned so much from them and treasure my time with the J1ers, since they are only here on a year long Visa. The Irish staff out here are truly my family since I don’t have any family out this way. I can’t wait to see where this company might take me next!