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Guinness Crafted Mix Collection

Date: Monday, 4 Mar 2019
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We created a very special collection of crafted cocktails, focusing on that iconic beer of Ireland, Guinness, exclusive to us here at Rí Rá, your real Irish local

Guinness is a unique beer in many ways, one of which is that it can be used to mix with other brews to create Beer cocktails. The Guinness rises to the top of the glass, leaving the other beer at the base, creating a very distinctive looking drink.

For the month of March, to coincide with the month when Ireland’s National Day falls – St. Patrick’s Day – we partnered with Guinness to create a range of 5 beer cocktails.

Half & Half: Guinness & Harp

Blacksmith: Guinness & Smithwicks

Snakebite: Guinness & Magners

These 3 classic Guinness mixes are joined by 2 unique mixes developed by Tommy and the bar team. 

Irish Fiddle: Guinness & Fiddlehead IPA

Switchback: Guinness & Switchback Ale