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Yes Cheese!

Date: Monday, 17 Jun 2019
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The classic grilled cheese sandwich or ‘Toastie’ is the ultimate pub grub in Pubs back in Ireland. In fact, in many more traditional old school pubs, it is literally the only thing on the menu! We’ve paid homage to this humble, yet delicious nibble and created a menu of mouth-watering sandwiches, available during our Toastie Week kicking off on June 24th.

All toasties are served with a side salad or hand cut chips!

Veggie $10

Quinoa and cauliflower patty, hoisin mayo, aged VT cheddar, grilled Red Hen Bakery sourdough

Pork Belly & Pickle $10

Seared pork belly, dill pickle chips, pepper jack, grilled Texas brioche toast

Mr. McCheesy $10

Charred herb flatbread, pressed VT cheddar, smoked Gouda, local beer cheese

Irish Gentleman $10

Rasher, black pudding, tomato, sharp cheddar, grilled rye

Ms. Piggy $10

Slow braised pork shoulder, pickled onions, smoked Gouda, grilled Texas brioche toast

OMG Hot Damn! $10

Dave’s Insanity Carolina Reaper hot sauce, cayenne breaded jalapeno, Thai chili, pepper jack, Red Hen Bakery sourdough. Crybabies need not apply!

Truffle Shuffle $10

Melted parmesan & swiss, smoked bacon, grilled portabello, black truffle oil, pressed Bristol Bakery hemp seed roll